Release Your Hips

About This Workshop

Taking care of your joints is a lifelong investment, and it is never too late to start. In fact, “you compromise the energy system of your body by not exercising your joints.” (Paul Grilley, founder of Yin Yoga.)

In this two and a half hour workshop, Menchu will be sharing practices that will nourish and free the connective tissues of your hips, legs and feet, including the joints.  This workshop has been drawn from, and blended with, the experiential wisdom of Yin Yoga, Pawanmuktasana (Freeing Your Joint Series) and myofascial release, and will help you:

  • open up all the major joints of the lower body;
  • increase the range of movement in the joints;
  • relax the muscles in the body;
  • stretch the fascia and the meridians;
  • smooth the flow of energy throughout the body;
  • calm the mind.