Yoga at Work

Stress and long hours in front of a desk are known factors of absenteeism at work. More and more companies are investing in creating a culture of fitness in order to reduce stress in the workplace and thus encourage a happier, healthier working experience, which then translates into increased efficiency and productivity. Yoga can help to:

  • correct postural imbalances;
  • improve focus and concentration;
  • reduce stress and anxiety;
  • increase positivity and energy,
  • and encourage teamwork.

Style, times and duration of classes are flexible to suit the working environment. If you are interested in running yoga classes at your workplace, get in touch to discuss how Menchu can help you.


My first experience of Yoga was with Menchu. I found the classes to be great fun in a really relaxed atmosphere. They contributed to my general fitness, helped calm my mind and bring my thoughts to the present, while stretching and distressing my body. I always left the class feeling more positive, energised, calm, and grounded. Menchu is a great teacher and I would highly recommend her classes.

— John McD