Class Styles

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a non flow-based class that focuses on static postures and longer holds aiming to develop mindful awareness in every āsana (posture) and in the breath. Emphasis is on simplicity and ease of movement, and postures are practised to strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Menchu often incorporates some qigong forms, which add another layer to the breath. Suitable for all levels. 

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga incorporates yoga postures and breathing techniques to help you connect with your baby, alleviate discomforts, and lower stress levels. Expect to flow through a series of seated and standing poses, go through practices that will prepare you for the final stages of your pregnancy journey, and finish with a restorative floor work. All this in a nurturing and positive community, supporting you in transitioning into the role of motherhood. 

Qigong-Influenced Yoga

Qigong is a ancient Chinese art form, which is medical, martial and spiritual. Like Yoga, it uses deep breathing, meditation, and static or dynamic movements to promote greater vitality. Unlike the physical aspect of yoga — which emphasises linear extensions of the spine, body and limbs to tone, lengthen and strengthen muscles —, qigong employs slow, circular movements that improve the flow of qi (energy) through the body’s meridians and organs. The cross-fertilization of yoga and qigong can significantly increase vitality, health and efficiency to the body.

Slow Flow

Slow Flow is a dynamic and spacious posture-based practice, where the emphasis is on building strength, flexibility and awareness of the breath as you explore a repertoire of poses and transitions. Be prepared to flow, play, and experiment with your practice as Menchu also incorporates qigong forms. Suitable for all levels.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga, for Menchu, is both a meditative practice and a physical practice that gently stretches connective tissues by holding a pose for a long time in stillness and attention. The body responds by making the tissues longer and stronger, and by opening up channels of energy in the body (meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine). The emphasis is on staying in a shape that is ‘perfect for your body’ rather than ‘achieving the perfect pose’. This class is suitable for all levels.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra (also known as Yogic Sleep) is a state of consciousness between wake and sleep induced by deep relaxation whereby the teacher guides the student to become systematically and increasingly aware of their inner world. Although the goals of both Yoga Nidra and meditation are the same — a state of meditative consciousness —, they differ in that meditation requires concentration on a single focus and, in Yoga Nidra, the awareness is constantly moving. Yoga Nidra is usually practiced lying down.